Museums of Syros and Collections of Exhibits for History Lovers
If you have been planning to visit Syros in Cyclades, then you should make sure that you do not miss the chance to enrich your holidays with the most enlightening visits to the local museums. Even if you might feel like vacations should be nothing more than utter relaxation and fun, you will come to see that these museums will steal your heart and offer you great knowledge, as well as recreation. There is nothing better than being able to cater for both your body and your mind at the same time. Syros is able to provide you with everything you need, including stimulation for your mind with some exceptional museums throughout the mainland.
In Ermoupoli, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Syros. There, you can find some rare exhibits of prehistoric artefacts and some historical elements found not only in Syros, but in other islands of Cyclades as well. There are people travelling to Syros just to pay a visit to this amazing museum and therefore you should not leave out on this great opportunity. Moving forward, there is the Industrial Museum that you can enjoy. This is also housed in Ermoupoli and includes some truly spectacular pieces of machinery coming from the past. Along with that, there are findings related to shipping and a lot of technical books for all the people who are interested in further studying. Another stop to our exploration of the finest museums in the island is the Museum of Replicas of Cycladic Art found in the capital. There, you can have a look at the findings that are on display in Athens and more particularly in the Museum of Cycladic Art by Goulandris.
To sum up, the benefits that you derive from visiting Syros Island are not limited to the natural beauty of the landforms and the stunning sunsets. On the contrary, Syros is able to offer you culture and history, packed with the most majestic scenery that you could ever have hoped to find.
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