Amazing Dishes Made of Pure Organic Foods and Fruits of the Sea
If you are an enthusiast of taste and if you enjoy the culinary journeys that are based on quality and great ingredients, you are going to love the local cuisine of Syros. There are a lot of taverns and restaurants, where you can enjoy traditional food and delicacies that will amaze you. Of course, the basic ingredients are the ones that prevail in the Mediterranean diet. You can find fresh vegetables and fruits that have been cultivated all naturally and organically. Along with these basic ingredients, you can taste the fresh seafood and other local foods that are both nourishing and delicious to try out.
One of the most famous specialties in the island of Syros is marathopita. This is a pie that resembles spinach pie. However, along with the spinach, there are fennels cut and there is also sausage that is shredded and added to the mixture. Of course, salads are quite tasty and the olive oil gives them extra flavour and nutritional value. You should order a lot of appetizers, so as to get the chance to taste a lot of different types of food and see which ones appeal to you the most. Experiment with calamari and octopus, as well as shrimps and fish that have just been taken out of the sea. For an exceptional gastronomic experience, you should order spaghetti with lobster. This is going to steal your heart, due to the intensity of the taste of the lobster and the aromas that are given out by the fresh herbs and the tomato in the dish.
As you can imagine, nobody can say no to such specialties that have been mastered all these years by housewives and by the local chefs. Surrender to the local treasures of taste and discover new methods of cooking and combining fresh ingredients!
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