Exploring the Sights of Syros and Learning More about the Island’s History
Syros is going to bedazzle you with its uniqueness and its chic character. All over the island, there are hidden treasures that you are welcome to discover every single day. Plan your schedule and organize your daily excursions, so as to be able to enjoy the magical waters of the island and at the same time find out what makes it so special among all the rest of Cyclades. We have gathered a few of the most spectacular places for you to visit, in order to motivate you to include them in your final outline.
Located in the small island of Gaidouronisi or else known as Didymi, there is the tallest lighthouse of the Aegean Sea. This lighthouse remains intact and it is an example of magnitude that will fascinate you, from the very first moment you lay your eyes on it. Of course, sunset is always the most stunning time of the day for you to admire such a spectacle. Moving forward, we can find the aquarium of Kini. This is a small and yet lovely aquarium with displays of the underwater species and the life that is formed in the deep blue sea. You can learn a lot about marine life, after a simple visit to this place. The great thing is that you can combine this trip with a swim at the beach nearby. Another worth visiting attraction in Syros is Cemetery of St. George. Since there are so many fine sculptures and other masterpieces of art, this location will fascinate the travellers and impress them for sure.
In order to find out more about the island of Syros, you can organize your vacations based on travel guides or to-do lists. This will help you avoid ruling out things that would otherwise capture your interest and make you enjoy your stay even more!
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